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Top the best wrestling tournaments in the world (Part 2)

Wrestling is an interesting game for someone loving violence or adventure. Although someone claims that the result of per wrestling match has been set up before, it still causes excitement and expectation for spectators, by some special ways.

In this article, we will continue introducing some wrestling tournaments highly appreciated in the world.

3, Battle Of Los Angeles

This has been began since 2005 in Los Angeles, then it becomes an annual wrestling tournament for any fan and any wrestler from around the world. It is highly appreciated to bring the best matches as your dream about greatness in wrestling.

It is an independent competition which all wrestlers are allowed to register and express their talent.

During history of the Battle of Los Angeles, you can see some famous winners like Ricochet, Adam Cole, Daniel Bryan, Kenny Omega or Shingo Takagi.

4, Mae Young Classic

This tournament has become an outstanding highlight in the recent time that the women can join any sport like the men.

Mae Young Classic has been just organized about some iterations at Full Sail University, then showed on the WWE network for any spectator all over the world. However, revenue as well reputation from this event are big. Many pro wrestlers have just come from this event like Shayna Baszler, Dakota Kai, Mia Yim, Xia Brookside or Io Shirai.

Even some famous stars also join this tournament as one great experience and improvement their skills, like Kairi Sane and Toni Storms. Through this event, their careers have been developed successfully.

5, G1 Climax

G1 Climax is the most expected wrestling tournament in Japan. It is held annually with registering of many wrestlers around 20 of top companies in this nation.

Anyone wins the game finally receiving the title for IWGP heavyweight award.

We can list some famous names from G1 Climax like: Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi…

Top the best wrestling tournaments in the world (Part 1)

Wrestling is an interesting game loved in the USA and some near nations. It’s a sport game as well a great way for relaxing. Furthermore, wrestling is offered so much in the betting market.

In this article, we collect top wrestling competitions for your reference. If you tend to place on this market, you should follow our article to know the most prestigious wrestling events.

1, Super Strong Style 16

This event is highly appreciated by the specialist as well bettors due to this profession and high-quality.

This tournament also brings innovation ideas for wrestler. To receive a ticket for this event, wrestlers will register the play-off round. They will face with another rival to find the winner. Finally, there are only 16 wrestlers allowed to join the official round.

This event is called as a progress title in all wrestling competitions. At there, many talented wrestlers have been found out after this event. Furthermore, many records have been broken through the Super strong style. This is a useful working environment for any player to compete at the international event.

For example, in the Super strong style 16 season 2017, the final match between Tyler Bate and Travis Banks was memorable during wrestling of history. Both wrestlers made amazing and surprising for all spectators, all bettors when they expressed the same as good performance excellently. So, people felt difficult to predict the final result of match.

2, The Dusty Rhodes Tournament

In 2015, the wrestling world was boring and heartbreaking due to death of Dusty Rhodes.

He was considered as one of the greatest wrestlers all the time. Many people loved him because of his talent and positive energy to inspire to other people.

To honor him, NXT has established ne tag team tournament. It is called as the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. This event brings motivation and strong willingness to develop new wrestlers.

Useful communication tips from wrestlers

Pro wrestling is one fascinated game with spectators. Although outcomes of wresting can be scripted before, the skills and showman spirits are admiring. Wrestlers are ready to make injuries by themselves to defeat opponents strongly.

Sometimes we are under impression when seeing confidence of wrestlers in contacting with fans, asking someone to buy tickets or communicating with others on TV or gameshows.

The fact, wrestling environment practice and train them to become stronger and more professional.

In this article, we will share top useful communication tips which you can learn from pro wrestlers. It’s great when you relax by several wrestling games but still improve other skills 

1, Be confident yourself

First impressions play an important role in every situation. You see, wrestler can communicate audiences under methods and anytime, from the moment they are on the ring, sometimes they express emotion by body languages like eyes, hands or head or finishing the match, they take a little breath then they see the camera and answer questions of reporters fluently. 

We also know many pro wrestlers to have other jobs after finishing wrestling matches in the ring like advertiser for famous brands, actor, invitee for gameshow on TV so on. Through social activities, pro wrestlers become more famous. So, these activities improve their confidence. You follow them to learn communication skills.

2, Connect with other people

Some pro wrestlers have good ability to connect with their audiences through their performance or sharing real stories in interviews. 

Many wrestlers are welcome and loved by spectators because they make impressive through their style or normal life. 

When you are in trouble, you need to express it to others to share and sympathize because no one can see your shoes. So, connective skill with others is important to share. 

One classic video “Hard Times” of Dusty Rhodes helps him to be memorized during the time. When fans can connect him through his sharing about coming back after his injury in 1985.

How to place on pro wrestling (Part 2)

Someone claims that pro wrestling is fixed result before wrestlers face up with each other on the ring. So, it shouldn’t be interesting.

The fact, it’s rule of pro wrestling which makes the match in safety and effectives. Therefore, pro wrestling is a good sport for betting at any nation.

In this article, we continue to share tips and hints to place on pro wrestling well. Maybe the following sharing can be not suitable to all bettors, you should consider which skill is proper for your mindset to apply it effectively.

3, Follow news outside the ring

Sometimes outside factors like rumors, scandals about wrestler can help your prediction more accurately. So, you don’t need to ignore it.

For example, through rumors, you find out that a wrestler is plan to rest for a serious injury. Or he has no ability to follow the next tile match. All factors can make a wiser wager.

However, please note that rumors always happen around the life of wrestlers. So, to check the authenticity should be careful, then you can collect correct news.

4, Understanding types of wrestling bet

One of the most interesting in wrestling is variety. It expresses on type of betting as well type of games for bets.

In wrestling, there are a wide range of types for your option, including betting in the favorite or underdog or moneylines. So, before starting it, you should consider it carefully about regulations, rules or strength and weakness whether it is suitable or not.

5, Prediction for the Championship

In wrestling, it’s some abnormal rules about predictions of wining. Maybe the winner in the last championship can’t maintain stable performance. Or one wrestler loses in this match, but he still wins in the next match.t

It means you should put your target in a long term of only season to test. No need to see further about the future.

How to place on pro wrestling (Part 1)

As far as we know, wresting is already predetermined before it takes action in the ring. However, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t bet on it as other betting sports.

Whether you are a pro bettor or a seasoned fan or a new beginner, you should be careful some tips to help you to win the wrestling betting.

The fact, wrestling is a sport for entertainment purpose, so it’s necessary to understand this game for the unique entity. Then you have more opportunities for winning.

In this article, we share tips and instructions detail about start on wrestling betting easily.

1, You should think and imagine like a writer

Actually, wrestling is completely different from other sports when the result is already made up to as a narrative.

If other sports, you need to predict which team has possibility to be a winner following their performance, history or current status. But in wrestling, you need to image the narrative so that it’s the same result as the writers. It’s the only solution to give prediction correctly.

It’s necessary to understand thought of the writer then place on it.

Some people feel confusing about this instruction. The fact, writer has only some limited options for the finals. So, you are not too hard to analysis all results of one wrestling match.

2, You should follow rumors outside the ring

Before an official match, there are series of news around two wrestlers as well information about results. 

We can’t assure whether the rumors are correct or not. However, the news creates more interest and excitement about the match with a little of salt.

You should spend times to correct rumors then analyze whether which one is correct? Which one can believe? 

Some rumors about profile, schedule of wrestlers can give good tactics for your stories.

5 the most dangerous moves in wrestling <Part 2>

Wresting is one of the most dangerous sports for wrestlers and spectators. However, it is still popular with many ages, especially the young in the USA or some nations in the Western. 

It brings fun, interest and comfort for everyone. In this article, we continue to collect top some dangerous moves in pro wrestling. Following it to understand more information about this dangerous sport.

3/ Stun gun drapes on the rope

Stun gun usually happens in the wrestling matches when the opponent is running to wrestler, he will pick up the opponent to one position after his back then throw over the ropes. This action is dangerous to cause risks for the opponent. He can’t control his weight on the rope, so he will be fallen and made in accidents.

As consequence, wrestlers can be broken leg, arm or even broken back. 

Although this move has not been prohibited, it’s not encouraged by pro wrestler for winning. Because it’s a unfair play for the opponent.

4/ Powerbomb

The powerbomb is an extremely dangerous movement banned to happen in the pro wrestling. It’s terrible that one wrestler will be dropped from the six feet to the ground.

The risk makes big consequences when it causes direct accidents for leg. How to do anything when leg and neck of wrestler is broken and damaged.

5/ Chair shots to head of opponents

This move is illegal because it causes injuries for heads. 

Using chair then throws to head of opponents, so that opponent can be injuries about head. As the bad consequence, wrestler feel several concussions, headache or even faint. 

In a long time, using chair shots should be prevented to any wrestler. However, someone can’t still control their action during the match, therefore this move still happens.

5 the most dangerous moves in wrestling <Part 1>

As the role of spectators, we see wrestlers are amazing in the ring when they use their parts like weapons to defeat their opponents.

Someone can’t know detail that after these perfect performances, almost wrestlers have to face injuries, whether it is simple or serious depending on moves of the opponents.

In this article, we share top 5 the most dangerous poses in pro wrestling. This ranking is limited in series of poses and moves. It is easy-catching poses so we collect and overview about pro wrestling.

1/ The Styles Clash

The styles clash is the special style of AJ Styles who is a pro wrestler in WWE. Since he appeared at big events of WWE, he expressed his ability with professional and reliable skills. He was outstanding with the pose “Phenomenal Forearm”. It was his favorite styles and as well impressive move himself.

However, this easy move causes trouble and accidents for other players when their arms and legs are locked, they can’t do anything to save themselves at this situation. They are easy to be broken neck because the chin is tucked.

The truth that this styles clash helps him to dominate his era without serious injurious. But their opponents usually face with terrible accidents after the ring.

We can talk an evidence in WWE Super with Yoshi Tatsu. His opponent was notable and famous but Yoshi Tatsu also became a serious victim of his move. He broke bones in the neck of Yoshi so that Yoshi couldn’t arrange his arm any move.

 2/ The German Suplex

The German Suplex has been inspired from amateur wrestling then spreading out by Karl Gotch, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit as well Borck Lesnar German pro wrestlers.

It is extremely dangerous when the victim can be landed on the neck of player. Then it continues to be repeated and hazardous for both sides.

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Is WWE betting legit or scam? – The best answer for you

Currently, there are many people who want to play WWE betting but still wonder if this game is a scam or not?

World Wrestling Entertainment, whose main business is to organize competitions for wrestling and present, is also the group that is rated development of the largest wrestling performance in the world. Currently, there is a library in WWE with lots of pictures, a history of wrestling development through each historical period.

Wrestling performance, like many other performing sports, the tournaments organized by WWE is not a tournament for other sports in a real way, it is merely performing arts.

Bet on Pro Wresting: Start with these WWE Betting Tips | SBD

Currently, there are many people who want to play WWE betting but still wonder if this game is a scam or not? Actually, WWE betting at online casinos is a virtual bet, so whether this game is a scam or not will depend on the player.

You can find this game extremely attractive. The casino always gives information about the sport that the player bet. Not only that, but the casino also has an online counseling system to help players with any questions. All bets at the bookmakers have a clear winner. The payment at the casino is also very fair.

Usually, WWE betting is often due to several factors, such as:

First, the player chooses the less reputable casino. Currently, on the market, there are many bookmakers offering wrestling and gambling betting services to meet entertainment needs. However, not every casino guarantees credibility.

If you choose to have a low reputation casino will face a lot of risks. You may be deceived by the dealer on the winning or losing results, or in case you win, it is very difficult to withdraw money.

Therefore, we recommend that before you play, choose a reputable, quality dealer that is trusted and appreciated by many players.

Second, it is the player who cheats when participating in WWE (Virtual sports) betting at the casino found. This may be due to the player cheating, violating some rules that the casino has set earlier such as the rules of the game, how to withdraw money… Therefore, the casino cannot transfer money successfully. Since then, it is causing discontent players to give false propaganda information about the casino.

Top brutal injuries in pro wrestling <Part 2>

Wresting is considered as one of the most dangerous sport because almost wrestlers have to face injuries after matches. Although the rule has been changed dramatically to prevent serious injuries, even death in wrestling, there are many accidents to happen and repeat.

The truth that wresters are great and brave to overcome scaring and join their sport by 100% energy. So, spectators can see amazing pro-wrestling matches.

In this article, we refer some brutal injuries related to pro wresting matches. It is a small part among many serious stories about brutal accidents in this sport.

1/ Brock Lesnar destroyes neck of Hardcore Holly

Brock and Hardcore are equally appreciated. If Brock is better at strength and durability under attacking, Holly is more experienced about performance. This match is expected to follow by spectators.

However, before the match, Brock is sick and not enough strong to defeat Holly as his real ability. But then he makes impressive action by a powerbomb which is a serious move. The fact that, powerbomb is difficult to take action successfully because it requires the maximum power to feel down the opponent. Finally, Brock does this pose successfully and destroys Holly’s neck. It is really a downright gross.

2/ Randy Orton snaps his collarbone against HHH

In pro wrestling, being broken a collarbone is extremely painful and terrible which prevents the next performance of any wrestler. The truth that Randy Orton takes this pose to HHH leading to the most devastating injury for HHH. He is thrown out of the ring powerfully. It’s really wrong and shouldn’t happen for one match.

3/ Brock Lesnar makes a shooting star press

It’s shocking and a little funny when Brock Lesnar makes himself to go off the top rope while he is carrying a shooting star press. It looks incredible but actually it happens with a pro wrestler so that he moves high-flying.

Top brutal injuries in pro wrestling <Part 1>

Professional wrestling brings amazing and interesting emotion for spectators. Although the match result or tips have been decided before the ring, wrestlers have to face many dangers and accidents in process.   Players still are taken with real risks leading to horrific accidents, even the death.

In this article, we share some brutal injuries happened ever in pro wrestling history. The truth that you can never see or think it before. But it is the truth from real wrestlers.

1/ Vince McMahon tears both quads

This accident is incredible and ridiculous for all fans. At Royal Rumble in 2005, Vince McMahon torn both quads surprisingly. When he saw some wrestlers on the ring, he jumped in to the ring to shout of you. But we can’t explain why he could tear both quads.

When he yelled at the ring, all people felt strange from seated position.

2/ David Arquette got his throat cut

In the match between David Arquette and Nick Gage, there was some terrible thing from a particular spot of camera.

In general, this match was interesting because they were top wrestlers in pro wrestling, so they had great performance. However, by a special camera with a light tube, David Arquette got his throat cut clearly. When rooming it, almost people felt scared. Even it could make your stomach become nausea because it was really big and terrible.

3/ HHH’s Pedigree went to sideways

HHH had performed over his power and ability so that he broke his neck seriously. Although he was ever a professional wrestler, he didn’t how to move smoothly in this situation. As the funny result, he moved hard and looked painful. Even he went to sideways to come inside the ring fastest.

But actually., it made funny for viewers.