10 world wrestlers succeed on the silver screen (Part 2)

Steve Austin

Born in 1964, Steve Austin was named the biggest star in the history of the World Wrestling Federation. The former wrestler, nicknamed “Stone Cold”, has won the World Cup 21 times, including 6 times the WWF Champion and 5 times the Triple Crown Champion. Since he was forced to retire from the stage due to a neck and knee injury in 2003, Steve Austin turned to film.

The first major role on the big screen of Steve Austin was The Condemned (2007). But it was not until the role of bodyguard Dan Paine – the right arm of the evil boss in The Expendables, Steve Austin was widely known to the world audience. In the film, the character Dan Paine seeks to disrupt the action plan of the detachment of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham.

In addition to acting in films, Steve Austin also participated in many popular television series and led many reality TV shows.

Lenny Montana

Before coming to cinema, the original Italian wrestler was known only in the United States when he won many federal tournaments. In the late 1960s, Lenny Montana became a bodyguard for the notorious Colombo family mafia and used to go to jail for some time for her disruptive acts. Released from prison, he was unexpectedly invited to participate in the classic movie Dad Gia (The Godfather) in 1972.

Director Francis Coppola chose Montana for the film because the wrestler had real experience with the mafia. Montana’s role is Luca Brasi – the ill-fated loyal servant of Godfather Don Corleone (Marlon Brando). Montana said he was so nervous when being with Brando that he rehearsed his own lines over and over again. With very few appearances, Luca Brasi has still become the symbol of henchmen in mafia families on screen, prompting subsequent films to learn.

Since Dad, Montana’s film career takes off. He expensive roles in projects such as Patty (1976), Fingers (1978), Defiance (1980), and the last role in Blood Song (1984). Montana died in 1992 of a heart attack while in Italy.

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