5 the most dangerous moves in wrestling <Part 2>

Wresting is one of the most dangerous sports for wrestlers and spectators. However, it is still popular with many ages, especially the young in the USA or some nations in the Western. 

It brings fun, interest and comfort for everyone. In this article, we continue to collect top some dangerous moves in pro wrestling. Following it to understand more information about this dangerous sport.

3/ Stun gun drapes on the rope

Stun gun usually happens in the wrestling matches when the opponent is running to wrestler, he will pick up the opponent to one position after his back then throw over the ropes. This action is dangerous to cause risks for the opponent. He can’t control his weight on the rope, so he will be fallen and made in accidents.

As consequence, wrestlers can be broken leg, arm or even broken back. 

Although this move has not been prohibited, it’s not encouraged by pro wrestler for winning. Because it’s a unfair play for the opponent.

4/ Powerbomb

The powerbomb is an extremely dangerous movement banned to happen in the pro wrestling. It’s terrible that one wrestler will be dropped from the six feet to the ground.

The risk makes big consequences when it causes direct accidents for leg. How to do anything when leg and neck of wrestler is broken and damaged.

5/ Chair shots to head of opponents

This move is illegal because it causes injuries for heads. 

Using chair then throws to head of opponents, so that opponent can be injuries about head. As the bad consequence, wrestler feel several concussions, headache or even faint. 

In a long time, using chair shots should be prevented to any wrestler. However, someone can’t still control their action during the match, therefore this move still happens.