5 the most dangerous moves in wrestling <Part 1>

As the role of spectators, we see wrestlers are amazing in the ring when they use their parts like weapons to defeat their opponents.

Someone can’t know detail that after these perfect performances, almost wrestlers have to face injuries, whether it is simple or serious depending on moves of the opponents.

In this article, we share top 5 the most dangerous poses in pro wrestling. This ranking is limited in series of poses and moves. It is easy-catching poses so we collect and overview about pro wrestling.

1/ The Styles Clash

The styles clash is the special style of AJ Styles who is a pro wrestler in WWE. Since he appeared at big events of WWE, he expressed his ability with professional and reliable skills. He was outstanding with the pose “Phenomenal Forearm”. It was his favorite styles and as well impressive move himself.

However, this easy move causes trouble and accidents for other players when their arms and legs are locked, they can’t do anything to save themselves at this situation. They are easy to be broken neck because the chin is tucked.

The truth that this styles clash helps him to dominate his era without serious injurious. But their opponents usually face with terrible accidents after the ring.

We can talk an evidence in WWE Super with Yoshi Tatsu. His opponent was notable and famous but Yoshi Tatsu also became a serious victim of his move. He broke bones in the neck of Yoshi so that Yoshi couldn’t arrange his arm any move.

 2/ The German Suplex

The German Suplex has been inspired from amateur wrestling then spreading out by Karl Gotch, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit as well Borck Lesnar German pro wrestlers.

It is extremely dangerous when the victim can be landed on the neck of player. Then it continues to be repeated and hazardous for both sides.

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