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Accidents in wrestling

Top brutal injuries in pro wrestling <Part 1>

Professional wrestling brings amazing and interesting emotion for spectators. Although the match result or tips have been decided before the ring, wrestlers have to face many dangers and accidents in process.   Players still are taken with real risks leading to horrific accidents, even the death.

In this article, we share some brutal injuries happened ever in pro wrestling history. The truth that you can never see or think it before. But it is the truth from real wrestlers.

1/ Vince McMahon tears both quads

This accident is incredible and ridiculous for all fans. At Royal Rumble in 2005, Vince McMahon torn both quads surprisingly. When he saw some wrestlers on the ring, he jumped in to the ring to shout of you. But we can’t explain why he could tear both quads.

When he yelled at the ring, all people felt strange from seated position.

2/ David Arquette got his throat cut

In the match between David Arquette and Nick Gage, there was some terrible thing from a particular spot of camera.

In general, this match was interesting because they were top wrestlers in pro wrestling, so they had great performance. However, by a special camera with a light tube, David Arquette got his throat cut clearly. When rooming it, almost people felt scared. Even it could make your stomach become nausea because it was really big and terrible.

3/ HHH’s Pedigree went to sideways

HHH had performed over his power and ability so that he broke his neck seriously. Although he was ever a professional wrestler, he didn’t how to move smoothly in this situation. As the funny result, he moved hard and looked painful. Even he went to sideways to come inside the ring fastest.

But actually., it made funny for viewers.