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Is WWE betting legit or scam? – The best answer for you

Currently, there are many people who want to play WWE betting but still wonder if this game is a scam or not?

World Wrestling Entertainment, whose main business is to organize competitions for wrestling and present, is also the group that is rated development of the largest wrestling performance in the world. Currently, there is a library in WWE with lots of pictures, a history of wrestling development through each historical period.

Wrestling performance, like many other performing sports, the tournaments organized by WWE is not a tournament for other sports in a real way, it is merely performing arts.

Bet on Pro Wresting: Start with these WWE Betting Tips | SBD

Currently, there are many people who want to play WWE betting but still wonder if this game is a scam or not? Actually, WWE betting at online casinos is a virtual bet, so whether this game is a scam or not will depend on the player.

You can find this game extremely attractive. The casino always gives information about the sport that the player bet. Not only that, but the casino also has an online counseling system to help players with any questions. All bets at the bookmakers have a clear winner. The payment at the casino is also very fair.

Usually, WWE betting is often due to several factors, such as:

First, the player chooses the less reputable casino. Currently, on the market, there are many bookmakers offering wrestling and gambling betting services to meet entertainment needs. However, not every casino guarantees credibility.

If you choose to have a low reputation casino will face a lot of risks. You may be deceived by the dealer on the winning or losing results, or in case you win, it is very difficult to withdraw money.

Therefore, we recommend that before you play, choose a reputable, quality dealer that is trusted and appreciated by many players.

Second, it is the player who cheats when participating in WWE (Virtual sports) betting at the casino found. This may be due to the player cheating, violating some rules that the casino has set earlier such as the rules of the game, how to withdraw money… Therefore, the casino cannot transfer money successfully. Since then, it is causing discontent players to give false propaganda information about the casino.

Top 9 sexiest female wrestlers of WWE with a desirable income

The hot exterior and the skillful performance skills bring the female wrestlers at WWE a desirable income.

Becky Lynch

The star born in 1987 is being selected by WWE as the face of the women’s wrestling segment on the RAW show. The beauty of the CH nationality Ireland has a fulfilling career and a beautiful love affair with Seth Rollins, a famous male wrestler who is working with the company.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is the daughter of the legendary Ric Flair, so she has a solid foundation to become a big star at WWE. According to Sportzwiki, the annual income of the beauty who has won the WWE women’s championship nine times can be up to $ 1.5 million.


The hot body and personality help Asuka conquer the difficult audience right after being promoted to Smackdown in 2018. Only a short time later, the strong attraction to the audience helped. The Japanese star was chosen to hold the WWE women’s championship belt.

Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose was in 1991 is a new discovery of WWE. She is competing at the Smackdown show and has a large fan base.

Peyton Royce

Royce has participated in professional wrestling performance since 2009 but it was not until 2015 that she got an eye for WWE. After 3 years of honing at NXT, beautiful Australians were given the opportunity and proved their ability in the main roster.

Billie Kay

The beauty born in 1989 was put on the main show by WWE in 2018 to pair with Peyton Royce, forming the tag team “The IIconics”. Both were successful initially when they won the WWE team-mate title in 2019.


White skin, beautiful face helps Paige quickly win the hearts of the audience since playing in the NXT sub show. The scandal exposed sensitive clips and constant injuries that made the British wrestler decide to retire in April 2018. Currently, Paige still works behind the scenes for WWE.


The beauty born in 1984 was professionally trained by WWE, but she doesn’t often compete but only appears next to male wrestlers to attract attention. Lana whose husband is also a star of WWE, that is Rusev, wrestler nicknamed “Tyrant”.

Sasha Banks

The nephew of the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg possesses a fashionable appearance but does not have the good performance skills like other colleagues. She had been involved in the scandal of excessive force resulting in her partner Paige’s lifetime injury.

The most popular companies that organize wrestling

Currently, there are 3 main companies competing in wrestling including WWE, TNA and ROH. But WWE is the most successful company under the leadership of the McMahon family.

Vince McMahon himself and his wife and children are all characters who appear in wrestling matches, though they almost never go to the ring.

With a keen business mind and efficient use of television tools, Vince McMahon has turned WWE’s RAW, SmackDown tournaments into the world’s most exciting wrestling tournaments. With a staff of 564 (including wrestlers), WWE’s revenue in 2008 was more than 526 million USD, profit before tax was more than 70 million USD.

And among the characters in wrestling, there is a resentment, family relationship like in the Wanderer. Every wrestling match is a way to deal with resentment. Screenwriters know how to push each game into a climax that appeals to their fans and makes them never bored of spending money and watching wrestling time.

For example, they created Randy Orton (who holds the wrestling RAW title) as a good character in 2003. But when he saw Orton no longer attracted guests, the scriptwriter turned him into a villain. Now every match of Orton is fought with protagonists like John Cena, who is excited to see if Orton is killed early.

Thanks to the development of modern technology and techniques, matches become attractive with the effect of light and sound. In addition to creative details such as Hollywood, unbelievably beautiful moves, wrestling viewers feel nervous like going to an action movie and have the excitement of watching an event. Wrestling can be considered the perfect combination of film and sports.

In wrestling, sometimes wrestlers act “real” too much with complicated movements and accidents that are inevitable. Bloodshed and injury are not uncommon on the wrestling floor. But the worst thing about this discipline is that wrestlers are allowed to use doping to build muscles. That leads to tragic accidents.

In 2005, wrestler Eddie Guerrero died of heart disease and is suspected to be due to the effects of a banned substance in sports. In 2007, wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and children and killed himself. It is believed that he acted because of hallucinations caused by a stimulant.

Despite the downside, wrestling is still growing and making huge profits from television money, ticketing, trading related products, and even betting. Many companies opened the field, but now WWE is the most successful because they have good script, good techniques, good TV technology and attract all the stars in the wrestling village to join the army.

Are the WWE matches real or fake?

There have been many people watching WWE on television, all raised the question whether this is real or fake? To answer this question, we will rely on the feeling of watching a WWE match.

For a battle of WWE, the wrestlers they always try to show as well as demonstrate the most spectacular technical performance of the land for viewers, thus making viewers see a match from fake to real. Accordingly, the wrestlers when they hit will have a beautiful blow, but always adjust the force to avoid the maximum danger to their opponents.

In fact, before the match starts, the results are pre-arranged, the size of the game is also first, meaning: there is an arrangement of winners and losers, the holder of the belt and the loser. All this is done, with the purpose of attracting the attention of the audience to the best profit for the company.

WWE attracts wrestlers worldwide

Because of the attractiveness, competitiveness and high profits, WWE is always an address that attracts attention from many wrestlers in the world. This is reflected in the fact that there are many wrestlers from different countries, they all want to have the opportunity to shine at WWE.

In it, the most outstanding are still wrestlers from America, followed by Japanese wrestlers. However, although the wrestlers are from Japan, they have very good technique, extremely beautiful competition at WWE but very few people know them.

For the company, the wrestlers are their main source of business, the programs and the organized tournaments are their profits. In addition, at WWE there is also a lot of information about wrestling matches held from ancient to present in the world stored.

Each year, wrestling events always bring the company WWE millions of dollars. Currently, WWE is not only developed in the US, it is also developed and popular in Japan.


So we have answered the question for you, what is WWE? With the article given, hope to help you get a clear view of WWE. Wrestling matches are organized by the company, mostly TV shows, so if you’re a wrestling fanatic, don’t skip it. You guys are assured, despite the script, the results are ranked first, but the match has never been less attractive, so it always brings viewers satisfaction.

Basics information about WWE wrestling tournament

Currently, there is a unit that organizes a reward for participants, in that list WWE is also a name mentioned quite a lot, is everyone knows.

So what is WWE? When learning about it, you need to know what information? Please refer to this article, there are answers to your questions.

What is WWE?

WWE is the abbreviation of World Wrestling Entertainment Company, which means wrestling entertainment in the world, this company operates in the field of sports, entertainment and mass media.

In particular, the company focuses on the field of television, organizing live matches and the internet, which is mainly active in the wrestling industry.

In addition to profit from the wrestling tournament, the company also has a huge revenue thanks to other services such as music, cinema, direct product sales and production licenses. The owner of the company is Vincent K. McMahon, and the CEO is his wife.

Talking about WWE, it was formerly known as Titan Sports, later it was renamed to World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as World Wrestling Entertainment.

For this company, wrestling is the main business of the company and this is also the largest group of performing wrestling that is rated as the world’s largest development. The WWE contains a library, with clear images of wrestling’s historical periods.

Just like other wrestling competitions, the programs organized by WWE with the purpose of not being a real fighting sports tournament, are merely entertainment, plot and drama.

The matches held here are of a performance nature, but there are still battles where the status of the attack causes damage or injury to the player.

In 1980, WWE made a public statement about its product, focusing on recreational sports, but the product had a combination of sports and fighting performance. Each of the WWE programs when organized will be divided into 2 main shows, Raw with SmackDown, besides there are programs for participating wrestlers called NXT.

Each year, the revenue at WWE is very high and always attracts attention from the major wrestlers around the world. Next to better understand WWE, readers come to the other parts of the article, which are very good and practical information related to WWE, for you to understand it.

List of the richest WWE male wrestlers in the world (Part 2)

4. Big Show

The name Big Show partly helps people remember the ability of wrestlers to rank 4th in the list of the richest wrestlers in this world. Big Show is the heaviest and biggest wrestler in the WWE world. He has been in this profession since his early teens and is now one of the most famous wrestlers in the world. His income is $ 30 million.

5. Triple H

This wrestler ranks 5th on the list with an income of $ 25 million. His real name is Paul Michael Levesque but he is famous for the Triple H name, which stands for the phrase Hunter Hearst Helmsley, is one of the greatest wrestlers of WWE courtesy. He currently plays for Raw and SmackDown of WWE and also holds the position of Managing Director (COO) at WWE.

6. Kurt Angle

Kurt Steven Angle (born December 9, 1968) is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former amateur wrestler. Nicknamed Kurt Angle, he is the 6th on this list of the richest wrestlers with an income of $ 20 million.

7. Chris Jericho

As a wrestler, Chris Jericho has an attractive appearance and always appears with stylish clothes when standing on the ring as well as normal life. His income is $ 18 million. This wrestler also participated in acting, radio broadcaster, rock singer.

8. Shawn Michaels

Shaw Michaels is one of the first wrestlers at World Wrestling Entertainment, and started working for the company since 1987. He has won many titles such as WWF Championship (3 times), World Heavyweight Championship (5 times) , WWF Intercontinental Championship (3 times).

He came in 8th place with an income of $ 17 million. He used to suffer injuries and is no longer participating in this tournament but his name is still very prominent at WWE.

9. Mark William Claway

Mark William Claway began his career in 1990 at Fritz Von Erich’s World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) wrestling club (a famous American professional wrestler). His nickname is The Undertaker and is the most mentioned wrestler in WWE history.

His fierce appearance scared many rivals. Mark William Claway ranked 9th on the list of the 10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world with an income of $ 16 million.

List of the richest WWE male wrestlers in the world (Part 1)

Wrestling is a sport that has many fans around the world. Wrestlers are considered gods with unparalleled strength, becoming the idol of billions of people from all over the world. WWE has become one of the most popular sports in the world.

This article will introduce you to the top 10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world, they are not only good at wrestling but also very talented in many other fields such as film, television, music, etc. ensure you will very surprised.

1. The Rock, topped the list of the richest WWE wrestler in the world

The real rock superstar is Dwayne Johnson, topping the list of the 10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world with an income of $ 70 million. He is a superstar at WWE, having won 17 world wrestling tournaments, gaining a global reputation from 1996 to 2004.

In addition, he is a famous actor in Hollywood specializing in action, psychological and even Humorous, has a large fan base in the world. In 2013, Forbes magazine reported that films featuring Dwayne Johnson brought in a total of $ 1.3 billion.

2. Steve Austin

This handsome guy and a “man” face is the most powerful WWE wrestler you’ve ever seen. Steve Austin, often referred to as Stone Cold, came in at number two on the list for $ 45 million.

He has 21 times won world championships, including 6 times the WWF Champion and 5 times the Triple Crown Champion. Later, because of trauma, he switched to movies, dramas and made many reality TV shows.

3. John Cena

John Cena’s real name is John Felix Anthony Cena, he ranks 3rd in the 10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world with an income of $ 35 million.

John Cena won 12 WWE Championship, 3 World Heavyweight Championship, 2 World Tag Team Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, and 5 WWE United States Championship. In addition, he is a quite successful hip hop singer, starring in films and popular reality shows.

10 world wrestlers succeed on the silver screen (Part 2)

Steve Austin

Born in 1964, Steve Austin was named the biggest star in the history of the World Wrestling Federation. The former wrestler, nicknamed “Stone Cold”, has won the World Cup 21 times, including 6 times the WWF Champion and 5 times the Triple Crown Champion. Since he was forced to retire from the stage due to a neck and knee injury in 2003, Steve Austin turned to film.

The first major role on the big screen of Steve Austin was The Condemned (2007). But it was not until the role of bodyguard Dan Paine – the right arm of the evil boss in The Expendables, Steve Austin was widely known to the world audience. In the film, the character Dan Paine seeks to disrupt the action plan of the detachment of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham.

In addition to acting in films, Steve Austin also participated in many popular television series and led many reality TV shows.

Lenny Montana

Before coming to cinema, the original Italian wrestler was known only in the United States when he won many federal tournaments. In the late 1960s, Lenny Montana became a bodyguard for the notorious Colombo family mafia and used to go to jail for some time for her disruptive acts. Released from prison, he was unexpectedly invited to participate in the classic movie Dad Gia (The Godfather) in 1972.

Director Francis Coppola chose Montana for the film because the wrestler had real experience with the mafia. Montana’s role is Luca Brasi – the ill-fated loyal servant of Godfather Don Corleone (Marlon Brando). Montana said he was so nervous when being with Brando that he rehearsed his own lines over and over again. With very few appearances, Luca Brasi has still become the symbol of henchmen in mafia families on screen, prompting subsequent films to learn.

Since Dad, Montana’s film career takes off. He expensive roles in projects such as Patty (1976), Fingers (1978), Defiance (1980), and the last role in Blood Song (1984). Montana died in 1992 of a heart attack while in Italy.

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WWE – A brutal sports game or a “bloody” play?

WWE has always been a highly entertaining and violent program. Many years ago, WWE was even subject to age restrictions and was banned in some countries because of gore. So does WWE really fight?

Is WWE good acting?

First of all, the writer insists, WWE is pro wrestling and pro wrestling means FORUM. However, WWE is a classy act that deceives the childhood of many people.

Wrestlers are actors in the ring, but they are also real “riskers”. Their “acting” work requires chemistry and of course risk.

If it’s an act, then the wrestler’s blood is fake?

Interestingly enough, the wrestlers‘ blood is their own. Wrestlers often use specially made razor blades to make a small cut on the forehead to create blood. Due to the high incision and high intensity of movement, blood kept flowing down the wrestlers’ faces. This is also a proof that being a professional wrestler is not easy.

The referees who seem to be “making scenes” in WWE are the “supporting actors” that provide strong support for the “acting” scenes of wrestlers. From supporting participation to “acting”, the referees are even those who secretly give “props” to wrestlers.

Explain for the “face blood” phases in WWE

As the most hated, cowardly person on WWE, The Miz is actually a very kind person.

Why was Brock Lesnar “boycotted” by the whole WWE fan community?

John Cena, a true “good boy” in the eyes of many people, has been the star of WWE for many years, in fact there was a time when he was suspected of using his influence to manipulate WWE. The star interfered with WWE’s plan and helped former girlfriend Nikki Bella’s ex-girlfriend keep the Divas title for longer than expected.

Not only that, the WWE fan community and insiders have also “anonymously” accused John Cena of refusing to sacrifice to make way for the “juniors” to be brought up. It is these scandals and rumors that have caused John Cena to be “boycotted” by a few longtime WWE fans.

John Cena recently “sacrificed” for juniors.

However, recently, after letting Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns win completely in a match, there was no cheating, no outside assistance. Obviously John Cena has officially become a “righteous” in the right way when he is willing to sacrifice to make way to promote “juniors”.

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WWE Wrestling Empire: Such a harsh environment (Part 3)

Not only that, despite being direct editors and directing wrestlers to perform dangerous performances, WWE emphasized in the contract that the company will not be responsible for any injuries.

Not only did they not get paid sick leave, WWE wrestlers were also often forced to perform even though their injuries were not healed. The overworked condition caused “superstar” CM Punk to leave WWE in early 2014 because of the company re-starting despite the doctor’s resting advice.

The last hope

Faced with fierce reactions from wrestlers and fans, WWE has made some “more caring” moves for its employees. The most typical is the restriction of performing the act of “swinging iron chairs directly into the head” and starting to support periodic health checks.

But it is still not enough to turn WWE into a safe work environment, and Vince McMahon is still the most stubborn when he doesn’t have any commitments.

If you choose a person who can help WWE get rid of the “hell” label, there is only one, that is the fan.

Despite acting, WWE management must have a headache when deciding who to make a star – called push. After the board decided to “push” anyone, WWE writers would write scripts for later events to boost the wrestler’s name. Such as holding the belt, winning the Summer Slam, the Royal Rumble.

This creates a paradox in the pro wrestling industry. Most of the wrestlers who play the “failed” role, the “obnoxious” and the “bad guys” are usually very nice people outside of the wrestling. Because they are kind, they are willing to play the evil role and accept defeat so they can support other colleagues.

WWE fans were very successful when they persuaded Vince McMahon to give female wrestlers a chance, and they also “disintegrated” their plans to turn Roman Reigns into The Rock’s heir.

Not only does it impact the content of the show, fans also directly support money for ex-wrestlers who are going through dangerous times or donating to bad names to get a decent funeral.

After all, fans are not the party responsible for “taking care” of wrestlers, WWE is the one who needs to actively protect their “partners” who sacrifice blood and tears because an WWE empire has almost no rival.

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