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WWE Wrestling Empire: Such a harsh environment (Part 2)

Vince McMahon – WWE President

For WWE, Vince McMahon is the most capable of being “close” because he oversees most important jobs, from editing content to scripting and planning for large and small events.

Vince McMahon is also deeply involved in WWE’s script to play a “cruel, greedy and heartless” boss, but unfortunately, that role is no different from reality

Ever since he stepped into the company, Vince had forced all wrestlers to sign a cold “collaborator” contract. The most famous wrestlers, who bring the most money to WWE, do not escape this “collaborative” contract.

But the unfavorable contract is just the beginning when no wrestler has the right to take leave, the more popular, the more they have to invest their entire life in the WWE if they don’t want to be “marginalized”.

Up to now, wrestlers are only allowed to take a break from WWE if they have expired. Otherwise, they only have a few short holidays in the hotel between tours, almost completely losing contact with their lovers and family.

Referring to touring, although WWE “orders” wrestlers to move around to perform, the company only pays for air tickets between cities, wrestlers must pay for the service themselves such as taxi, hotel, resort during the “working” time.

At the end of 2017, WWE continually mentioned about “Monday Night Raw” program that was broadcast throughout the Christmas season. Whether the audience is happy with this decision or not, WWE “superstars” have lost a holiday season with the family that year.

No holidays, no leave, it seems that wrestlers only have to leave sick or injured to escape. Unfortunately, Vincent anticipated this and bound it into the contract. Specifically, WWE can completely liquidate the contract at any time if the wrestler is injured and has to take a break for more than 6 weeks.

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WWE Wrestling Empire: Such a harsh environment (Part 1)

To ensure regular content every week, WWE wrestlers are not allowed to take holidays or leave even when injured, they are forced to return to the ring if they do not want to be fired.

WWE is not responsible for anyone’s health and life

As the “monopoly power” of wrestling, WWE brings in more than $ 900 million a year with more than 500 events large and small. “WWE superstar” seems like a dream job.

Wrestlers become the profession with the highest death rate in sports, a series of superstars claiming retirement, forcing fans to stand up to protect their idols.

Leading both revenue and … mortality rates

WWE is one of the most famous sporting events in the world, with over 1 billion fans on social networks, 2 weekly episodes showings, 1 independent content channel and 1 capable studio series of blockbuster movies.

In 2018 alone, WWE earned over $ 930 million, with WrestleMania becoming North America’s most-watched sporting event.

But WWE is also the main cause of “wrestlers” becoming a job with extremely high mortality rates. According to a study by FiveThirtyEight, wrestlers are more likely to die than rugby athletes who regularly face up to 700 kilograms.

Not only face the dangers of performing, but wrestlers are also included in WWE’s nightlife lifestyle, encouraging the use of many drugs to strengthen muscles and the ability to operate on the catwalk.

Even during training, wrestlers must focus on the “beautiful” movements as possible, completely unaware of its health and its negative effects on the body.

WWE – hell on earth

If you mentioned WWE, you can’t help but mention President Vince McMahon. After acquiring his father’s wrestling company in 1982, Vince made a “win” campaign for all competitors in the market to form an exclusive WWE empire.

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The overview of WWE Wrestling Empire (Part 3)

“We want to know our customers’ data, want to know what they see, see what it looks like, see how long it takes,” said Michael Wilson, WWE’s chief financial officer.

Accepting criticism from shareholders for over a year, WWE calmly analyzed the data of more than 1 million users and learned many interesting lessons. For example, 90% of users will watch WWE at least once a week, 2/3 of users will view their personal needs and 36% of WWE content is shown on the phone, etc.

This data helps the WWE team quickly change to fit the needs of viewers, short performances are more elaborately invested, the content viewed on demand is also doubled in just one year.


Not long after that, by early 2016, the number of subscribers on the WWE platform also quickly doubled, with 65 million views on social networks (up 87% over the same period last year). The WrestleMania event that year also “stormed” online with more than 10.9 million interaction.

More honor, prestigious magazine Forbes also voted WrestleMania as one of the 10 biggest sports events in the world. And Fast Company also honored WWE in the list of the world’s most innovative corporations.

In 2017, WWE brought in more than 801 million USD, breaking the record of year revenue. And in 2018, WWE brought in more than $ 281 million in just three summer months, the highest quarterly revenue since its inception.

In terms of partners, WWE is extremely wise to split “RAW” programs for USA Network and bring “SmackDown” to FOX radio in 2019, helping cable TV revenue to increase by 3.6 times over the previous year.

WWE’s YouTube channel also outstrips all of North America’s most popular sports in view, from rugby, baseball, basketball to golf, etc.

With no signs of stopping, WWE is currently planning more than 500 events each year, not only in the United States but also beyond 25 different countries, becoming an international force.

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The overview of WWE Wrestling Empire (Part 2)

On the other hand, with the increasing popularity of WWE and growing revenues from cable television, Vincent’s wrestlers are quickly persuaded by the attractive salary and the ability to float. the sound is “as fast as the wind”.

This tactic puts an end to many different organizations. The first is WWA with the departure of Gorilla Monsoon and Pedro Morales. Then AWA after Larry Hennig, Vachons, Blackjacks and “superstars” Hulk Hogan all turned to WWE.

NWA is one of the few organizations that can compete with WWE, but also soon fails in the 1990s. Vincent also bought out ECW and is trying to “finish” TNA, proceeding to monopolize the wrestling industry. America.

The stars in WWE’s Hall of Fame

It can be said that cable TV partners have contributed to a “dead end” of most of WWE’s competitors in the market. In particular, the exclusive contract of “Raw” and “Smackdown” with NBC Universal partner, brought a huge amount of revenue for WWE to continuously draw “superstars”.

In addition, Wrestlemania and Summerslam quickly became a major source of revenue for the US pay-TV model. But Vincent McMahon had a different plan, the fact that WWE became a force of the United States but had to “share” the profits and depend on cable television that made him unhappy.

When the business was rated by outsiders as “impossible to be more perfect,” WWE suddenly launched its own broadcast for $ 9.99 per month, despite being collaborating very effectively with the transmission. cable shape.

WWE and its trusted partner NBC Universal

NBC Universal stated that WWE is deliberately “ruining” its existing relationship, immediately demanding a reduction in its partners’ rights and issuing a new contract with a lower amount.

WWE shares fell 44% in a single day because no one dared to cope with such cable before. But Vincent and The WWE team only sees it as an obstacle on the way of development.

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The overview of WWE Wrestling Empire (Part 1)

Vincent McMahon not only used the money to recruit stars and bankruptcy of so many wrestling organizations, but he also “turned around” with a longtime media partner to create his platform, an “empire.” “WWE has no rivals.”


In the 1990s, although American wrestlers became popular but operated very “fragile”, each locality would have an organization with separate “superstars”.


After acquiring WWE from his father in 1982, Vincent McMahon has spent dozens of years “fighting East North”, challenging from competitors to trusted partners.


WWE has now become an international media force, with sales of more than $ 800 million and more than 50 events a year, referring to wrestlers, everyone remembers “WWE”.

WWE and its competitors

For decades, professional wrestling has become a major force in North American entertainment. A series of wrestling organizations were created to recruit, train and cum marketing, organization and communication at each “territory” separately.

WWE was founded in 1952 as “Capitol Wrestling Corporation” (CWC for short). With two co-founders of Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt, CWC focuses its activities mainly in the North East “territory”.

According to former wrestler Jim Ross: “America at the time had 30 to 40 different” wrestling “territories, this division came from monopoly in each region, poor competition led to market share. shredded by many different organizations. “

Each territory is also marked by its own “stars” with the ability to sell out and attract a large audience through TV. The most prominent is Hulk Hogan of Minnesota, Canada’s Bret Hart and Ric Flair of the Atlantic.

The turning point took place in 1982 when Vincent Kennedy McMahon bought his father’s Wrestling Company and renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) afterward. For two decades, Vincent tried to “fight East and North”, aiming to make WWE the largest and only media conglomerate in North America.

It must include Vincent’s first and extremely “risky” plan: shaking hands with cable TV to “spread” WWE’s matches across the region. WWE content immediately “violated” the location of many organizations, giving little criticism and hatred from industry competitors.

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Revealing secrets on the WWE stage of American wrestler (Part 1)

After a series of arduous battles, American wrestlers have started to speak out about the disadvantages they have experienced.

What is WWE?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly Titan Sports), founded on February 21, 1980. WWE is a company operating in the fields of entertainment, sports, and mass media.

Wrestling matches are the main business activity of the company, WWE is also the place to store information of wrestling matches from the past to the world. These matches bring millions of dollars each year to the McMahon family. Not only developing in the US, but this wrestling is also popular in other countries like Japan.

Definitions in WWE

Each male wrestler is called a “superstar”, a female called a “diva”. Wrestlers have a technique to end the match, such as John Cena with an Attitude Adjustment or Tripple H with “Pedigree”.

The skills of wrestlers

After the wrestlers use their moves, they will proceed to “Pinfall” (over the opponent count to 3) and if within 3 hours the opponent still lies still, the victory will belong to them.

Battle floors and belts

In WWE are divided into 2 major game floors including RAW and SmackDown with champions and the ‘power’ belt of each ring.

To win the championship, you must overcome the rounds set by WWE’s management. When qualified, there will be a chance to challenge the champion, defeat the champion and become the new ‘king’.

There are different championships in each ring, but the highest are the two championships below.

The WWE Universal Championship – RAW’s most prestigious heavyweight championship belt. Bray Wyatt is currently the holder. In SmackDown, the WWE Championship heavyweight championship was defeated by Kevin Owens. John Cena got it.

WrestleMania – wrestler’s ‘World Cup’

WrestleMania is an important event for WWE, similar to the Super Bowl for the NFL. Since birth, WrestleMania is seen as a precursor to all wrestling events in the world. WrestleMania event is always the biggest investment of WWE.

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