Top brutal injuries in pro wrestling <Part 2>

Wresting is considered as one of the most dangerous sport because almost wrestlers have to face injuries after matches. Although the rule has been changed dramatically to prevent serious injuries, even death in wrestling, there are many accidents to happen and repeat.

The truth that wresters are great and brave to overcome scaring and join their sport by 100% energy. So, spectators can see amazing pro-wrestling matches.

In this article, we refer some brutal injuries related to pro wresting matches. It is a small part among many serious stories about brutal accidents in this sport.

1/ Brock Lesnar destroyes neck of Hardcore Holly

Brock and Hardcore are equally appreciated. If Brock is better at strength and durability under attacking, Holly is more experienced about performance. This match is expected to follow by spectators.

However, before the match, Brock is sick and not enough strong to defeat Holly as his real ability. But then he makes impressive action by a powerbomb which is a serious move. The fact that, powerbomb is difficult to take action successfully because it requires the maximum power to feel down the opponent. Finally, Brock does this pose successfully and destroys Holly’s neck. It is really a downright gross.

2/ Randy Orton snaps his collarbone against HHH

In pro wrestling, being broken a collarbone is extremely painful and terrible which prevents the next performance of any wrestler. The truth that Randy Orton takes this pose to HHH leading to the most devastating injury for HHH. He is thrown out of the ring powerfully. It’s really wrong and shouldn’t happen for one match.

3/ Brock Lesnar makes a shooting star press

It’s shocking and a little funny when Brock Lesnar makes himself to go off the top rope while he is carrying a shooting star press. It looks incredible but actually it happens with a pro wrestler so that he moves high-flying.