WWE Wrestling Empire: Such a harsh environment (Part 1)

To ensure regular content every week, WWE wrestlers are not allowed to take holidays or leave even when injured, they are forced to return to the ring if they do not want to be fired.

WWE is not responsible for anyone’s health and life

As the “monopoly power” of wrestling, WWE brings in more than $ 900 million a year with more than 500 events large and small. “WWE superstar” seems like a dream job.

Wrestlers become the profession with the highest death rate in sports, a series of superstars claiming retirement, forcing fans to stand up to protect their idols.

Leading both revenue and … mortality rates

WWE is one of the most famous sporting events in the world, with over 1 billion fans on social networks, 2 weekly episodes showings, 1 independent content channel and 1 capable studio series of blockbuster movies.

In 2018 alone, WWE earned over $ 930 million, with WrestleMania becoming North America’s most-watched sporting event.

But WWE is also the main cause of “wrestlers” becoming a job with extremely high mortality rates. According to a study by FiveThirtyEight, wrestlers are more likely to die than rugby athletes who regularly face up to 700 kilograms.

Not only face the dangers of performing, but wrestlers are also included in WWE’s nightlife lifestyle, encouraging the use of many drugs to strengthen muscles and the ability to operate on the catwalk.

Even during training, wrestlers must focus on the “beautiful” movements as possible, completely unaware of its health and its negative effects on the body.

WWE – hell on earth

If you mentioned WWE, you can’t help but mention President Vince McMahon. After acquiring his father’s wrestling company in 1982, Vince made a “win” campaign for all competitors in the market to form an exclusive WWE empire.

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