WWE Wrestling Empire: Such a harsh environment (Part 3)

Not only that, despite being direct editors and directing wrestlers to perform dangerous performances, WWE emphasized in the contract that the company will not be responsible for any injuries.

Not only did they not get paid sick leave, WWE wrestlers were also often forced to perform even though their injuries were not healed. The overworked condition caused “superstar” CM Punk to leave WWE in early 2014 because of the company re-starting despite the doctor’s resting advice.

The last hope

Faced with fierce reactions from wrestlers and fans, WWE has made some “more caring” moves for its employees. The most typical is the restriction of performing the act of “swinging iron chairs directly into the head” and starting to support periodic health checks.

But it is still not enough to turn WWE into a safe work environment, and Vince McMahon is still the most stubborn when he doesn’t have any commitments.

If you choose a person who can help WWE get rid of the “hell” label, there is only one, that is the fan.

Despite acting, WWE management must have a headache when deciding who to make a star – called push. After the board decided to “push” anyone, WWE writers would write scripts for later events to boost the wrestler’s name. Such as holding the belt, winning the Summer Slam, the Royal Rumble.

This creates a paradox in the pro wrestling industry. Most of the wrestlers who play the “failed” role, the “obnoxious” and the “bad guys” are usually very nice people outside of the wrestling. Because they are kind, they are willing to play the evil role and accept defeat so they can support other colleagues.

WWE fans were very successful when they persuaded Vince McMahon to give female wrestlers a chance, and they also “disintegrated” their plans to turn Roman Reigns into The Rock’s heir.

Not only does it impact the content of the show, fans also directly support money for ex-wrestlers who are going through dangerous times or donating to bad names to get a decent funeral.

After all, fans are not the party responsible for “taking care” of wrestlers, WWE is the one who needs to actively protect their “partners” who sacrifice blood and tears because an WWE empire has almost no rival.

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